Expertise for Corporate Performance


By investigating the existing structure of your company and uncovering both the positives and the negatives, a clear picture can emerge and recommendations are made.


Sometimes the pieces of the puzzle just need to be moved around.  We are expert at repurposing people in the right positions for maximum growth and profitability.


Approach complicated problems in an innovative and creative way. The approach is painless and we are able to optimize and focus to make quick decisions that are inspiring.


“One size does not fit all”   Every company’s situation is different and no two companies are alike. We make assessments inside the existing structure and recommend easy steps to turn things around.

Set Up Programs

Expert at developing operational plans that are a perfect fit and enhancing to the mission.

Develop & Implement Plan

Actualize strategic talent management and change management initiatives by using tactful decisions and planning to guide a smooth transition.

“It is with talent and Grace that Katy McQuaid tackles all projects” – B. Perry, Personal Stylist