With more than 30 years of experience transforming organizations

Katy McQuaid is an innovative and creative collaborator who has a proven track record turning around troubled programs and implementing strategic initiatives across the globe for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Katy worked as the Director of a CIO Regional Center in Latin America leading an enterprise of over 100 officers. She supported their field locations and daily operations. Leading a 24/7 operation for a 1 million square foot facility with an annual budget in excess of $300 million dollars while managing the health and safety programs for over 3,500 civilian and military personnel.

For McQuaid no project is too big or too small. In lending support to one of the largest overseas facility in South Asia, Katy McQuaid was responsible for an unprecedented time of growth.

She was also responsible for the security of the personnel, while overseeing the concept, design, and building of 15 facilities. While managing the logistics of their air operations, she was responsible for the IT communications, HR, medical, and lending VIP support to the mission.

This unprecedented career strategizing and initializing both nationally and globally for the Central Intelligence Agency, Katy McQuaid’s talents and experience are now available to you in the private sector.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”.

– Thomas Jefferson


“She works honestly with all employees and has built strong bonds of trust with the work force”
Bill, Director of Logistics
“I met Katy McQuaid when I followed her into an organization that had recently fallen into chaos. She volunteered hundreds of hours of leadership and guided us successfully through economic hardships, gut-wrenching decisions, and terrible surprises with patience, resilience, and wisdom. I can whole heartedly recommend Ms. McQuaid to be of practical help to any leader or organization, even if they are not in chaos.”
David Meserve, Executive Director, Urban Sky
“Katy routinely excelled at identifying shortfalls and sought creative and innovative solutions.”
Steve, CIO Leader
“She modeled the highest degree of personal integrity.”
Laura, CIO Deputy Director
“Katy and I served together in a time of crisis and transition for a non-profit organization. She served on the board and provided steady and focused leadership in the midst of significant change. She led with determination and excellence. I highly recommend her to come alongside organizations going through transition and seeking to achieve more effectiveness.”
Brian Newman, Managing Partner, Step Up Enterprises
“Her daily interface and up close and personal leadership style is exactly what was needed in this complex environment.”
Brian, Director of Mission Support